I’m Ross Teeple, and I’m a conservative running for Pinal County Sheriff to defend our values of Faith, Family and Freedom.


Faith is easy for me to explain. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ died on the Cross for my sins and I will fight to the death to defend your constitutional inalienable right to freedom of religion.  Webster defines Faith as; “a trust or confidence in something“.  You can have faith that as your Sheriff I will defend each of your rights with the same fortitude.


A definition of Family I’ve always preferred is; “a societal enclave with a common goal or purpose“.   You don’t have to be my kin to be family. Every sailor is a shipmate, every Deputy is a brother or a sister.  We are all the family of Pinal County and we all need to protect our children.
Who is with me?


The dictionary defines it as The absence of subjection to foreign domination or a tyrannical government.   The founding fathers wrote about it. Our veterans and first responders defend it and it is core to our beliefs as Americans.  Joe Biden said “there is nothing special about being an American”.  As someone who has personally visited a lot of other countries I’d say our Freedom is pretty special.


Ross Teeple for Sheriff is endorsed by current Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb

Sheriff Mark Lamb

Ross Teeple for Sheriff is endorsed by current Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb

Congressman Eli Crane

My Vision

Law and Order. Uphold the Constitution(s)

The United States Constitution is the law of the land and it states, no person shall “be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of the law”. Today it is more important than ever to remember and respect this foundation of our country. The Arizona Constitution clearly defines the responsibility of a County Sheriff. Priority one of any Arizona Sheriff should be to protect your individual rights. Your individual liberties must be protected from mandates that were enacted without due process and with firearm restrictions that were enacted without a legislative body. As your Sheriff I will uphold both the state and federal constitution to protect your rights as an individual from government overreach.

Protect your inalienable rights

The definition of inalienable is “unable to be taken away from or given away by” but make no mistake there are people out there actively trying to take them away. All ten of the rights listed in the Bill of Rights are equally important and I will fight to protect all of them. It goes without saying that the second amendment protects the other rights.

Public Engagement

Quite simply the Sheriff Office is your Office. The residents of Pinal County need a Sheriff who will listen but also one who wants to listen and comprehend their concerns. Keeping the public engaged in open dialog with their Sheriff’s Office is the best way to understand the concerns and challenges faced by the community.  The children are our future and we all need to work together to protect our future. Please let the Sheriff’s office know what it is doing correctly and more importantly what you think we could do better in protecting the people who live and work in Pinal County. 

Meet Ross

Sheriff Mark Lamb endorses Ross Teeple as your next Pinal County Sheriff. Ross is currently one of Sheriff Lamb's Lieutenants and has 30+ years of public service. Ross started his public service in the United States Navy as a submariner during Desert Storm. It was in the Navy that Ross met his beautiful wife Corinne and they will be celebrating their 30 year anniversary this year.

After receiving an Honorable discharge, Ross moved back to his hometown, married Corinne and immediately began work as a construction electrician. He soon realized he missed the call for public service and hired on with the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC) for 12 years before leaving for the Pinal County Sheriff's Office (PCSO). In 2000 while still working for ADOC Ross and Corinne moved to Pinal county from Tucson and into the house they still live in today.

Ross has worked for PCSO, serving the citizens of Pinal County, for the last sixteen years and will continue to do so as your next Sheriff. 

Ross Teeple Military Service

On the way from San Diego to Connecticut for sub school I stopped and saw my mother in Pie Town, NM.

Ross Teeple Military Service

Ross, proudly serving the people of Pinal County since his beautiful wife, Corinne, pinned on his badge in 2007.

Donate to Campaign

Please remember the maxiumum contribution is limited to $6,650 per Arizona Law.

Ross Teeple for Pinal County Sheriff